Vegan Candles.

INZHO. Natural. Vegan. Wellness Inspired.


All candles are handmade.

INZHO is based on the Native American Concept of HOZHO which is a wellness philosophy to provide balance for mind, body and soul.

Our ranges are inspired and formulated around specific spirit animals to help overcome a variety of psychological concerns such a stress, lack of energy or just feeling a little unlucky.

We make everycandle by hand (including the wicks) to make sure each candle is a blend of 100% soy wax, pure essential oils and dried herbs.


Your journey to being 'INZHO' is just beginning!

Monkey - Energy.


Peppermint - reduces mental fatigue.

Lime - stimulates and energises tired mind.

Eucalyptus - aids concentraion.

Horse - Freedom.


Myrrh - Boost motivation

Lime - refreshes and uplifts

Orange - Brings luck with travelling.

Bear - Courage.


Juniper Berry - supports hard situations

Lime - uplifts and energises

Tangerine - improves fortitude.

Butterfly - Balance.


Lavender - soothes thoughts.

Lemon - refresh's the mind.

Ylang Ylang - bring's balance.

Dove - Peace.


Frankincense - invokes peace.

Orange - encourage positivty.

Patchouli - grounds and balnces mind.

Eagle - Connect.


Cedarwood - helps steer on correct path.

Cypress - removes psychic blocks.

Bergamot - aids inner courage.

Elephant - Wisdom.


Rosemary - promotes wisdom.

Ceddarwood - aids focus and resilience.

Geranium - brings balance to mind.

Grasshopper - Luck.


Lemongrass - promotes good fortune.

Cypress - increases ability for success

Rosemary - improves forward thinking.

Check back soon for new additions.